Welcome to Learning To Dream

Learning To Dream – The process in which an individual learns to allow themselves to wonder.

Learning To Dream – The practice of visual self-storytelling, usually performed while asleep.

Learning To Dream – A weekly graphic novelette detailing the daily and supernatural life of a more or less average guy. Set in Portland, Oregon, United States of America, North American Continent, Planet Earth, Sol system, Milky Way Galaxy.

Your erstwhile host (or purveyor of painful art and banal writing) attempts to update every Friday. Sometimes, he succeeds.


Chapter 1Chapter 1 (Ennui) – In which we meet some people, go out for drinks and John has a dream on his birthday.

Chapter 2 (Meiyo) – In which we meet Meiyo, and join the army in world conquest. Or stop it. Or something. It’s a rather confusing story involving on-the-job training.

Chapter 3 (Perseids) – In which we spend some time on a rooftop, watch some falling stars, and John makes some confessions.

Chapter 4 (Resources) – In which John bears the burden of his double life, Meiyo makes a friend who gives some answers, and we visit some dinosaurs and Paris.

Chapter 5 (Imbalance) – In which John stays home and wallows in his self-loathing and describes the methods in dealing with such eventualities.

Chapter 6 (Exportation) – In which a vacation is undertook, there is much drinking and singing, and there is nakedness and sex.

Chapter 7 (Employment) – In which four lives are examined, and the grass is generally thought to be greener on the other side.

Chapter 8 (Damnato Memorae) – In which Meiyo decides he doesn’t like giant land sharks much, and Dan philosophizes about books.

Chapter 9 (Rue) – In which John quickly finds and loses love, and we follow him around making fun of him for a while. Rather depressing, really.

Chapter 10 (Onerous) – In this, the most metal of all chapters yet, Meiyo and Chuugi discuss the ecology of the nightmare, and what the proper hunting limits are.

Chapter 11 (Mash-Up) – In which we find out about Asher’s strange music, and why meeting failed dates in bars is a bad idea.

Chapter 12 (Kingdom) – In which we take a brief break, and look at the fabulous flora and fauna native to the dream world. And ask the question “why does so much of it want to eat us?”

Chapter 13 (Honey) – In which the observation of a customer leads to an interesting conversation and the sampling of beverages.

Chapter 14 (Hunted) – In which we have a fascinating and things generally go downhill from there.

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