Learning To Dream, chapter 2, page1

Behold! A sneak preview of the next chapter!

I plan on releasing this Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. The Monday after.

Okay, a week late. Still, for someone who hasn’t done anything like this before, not that bad.

By the way, have you seen Aaron Diaz’s new blog? He’s hooked me in just a couple of days. Of course, just about anything the man puts down is brilliant. I really think you could improve your IQ a few points just by reading his comic (which you should be doing anyway…)

I really like how this came out. Make me feel all competent n’stuff. I’m refining the process I use to get these. First I hand draw everything. Then, because I have no scanner, I use a digital camera to upload it to the computer. This leaves lots of noise that I have to paint out. I’m getting better, have found a couple of filters and stuff that gets out most of it, but there is plenty of graininess (and probably why my sort of straight lines suddenly look like they’ve sprouted coral.) After cleaning, re-balancing, and touching up, I past them to my form, color them, and then add words and balloons. So it’s more labor intensive then I thought.

Chapter 3 is plotted, and half the art is done. I’m hoping to get it out in two weeks. (if not sooner.) Check back on the 2nd to see if I’m right.


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