LTD Ch3 – the good and bad

Good news! I’m banging out the next LTD, and it should be out very soon (like the next day or three). Release before the deadline? Gasp! I think that’s some sort of blasphemy. I think.

Of course, the reason why is because it’s shorter then I initially thought it would be. 6 pages (I usually aim for 10 in a chapter). But between the art experiment (and I think looks much better), and increasing my draw/process speed.

And yes, I realize that I’m primarily talking to myself here. If you aren’t me, drop a line to say hi. If you are me, well, then I got more issues then I thought…

Oh, yeah. As always, I give out Virtual Cookies to people who can identify songs in the comic. I’m a big lyrics snob, so lots of lyrics will be poking in.


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