Editorializing and hello!

So I submitted this to Belfycomics.net and thewebcomicslist.com and have suddenly got an influx of traffic. Hello, everyone!

Let me tell you a little about me, where I’m coming from, and what I’m trying to do here.
First off, (as you probably can tell) I am not an artist. I keep seeing all these comics online written by people with MFAs and whatnot. I haven’t taken an art class since high school.

Back in March, I lost my job. Long uninteresting story. But ultimately it meant that I had tons of free time. Then one day I was watching Danielle “Girls With Slingshots” Corsetto’s Ustream, and had the sudden thought… “I could do that!”. Of course, like watching a master of any activity, it looks simple because they are good.

All New Issues - you should read this too.

This is my daily schedule. I swear.

I always ‘doodle’ a bit. Not really any good, but enough to get an idea across. I even had a small comic strip I made back in high school. Of course, then I’d have friends who would do beautiful, elaborate full-page illustrations that put my little strip to shame. So I went off and found other things to do.
Fast forward to a couple of months into my unemployment, and I read an article about using this time to improve yourself. So I tried jogging in the mornings, and with the inspiration to make a webcomic, I started drawing. This is the result.
It seems most of the webcomics out there fall into two camps. Graphic Novels or ‘gag a day’ strips. While I can appreciate the gag-a-day, I personally find them quite wearying after a short time. Graphic Novels I have trouble following online. You either have to spend a whole day catching up, or start with the first day of publishing. I thought there had to be a middle ground. So I am trying for a “Graphic Novella”. Chapter-based serial, published more or less at the same time. This is similar to Gunnerkrieg Court and Dr. McNinja, save I do smaller chapters at the same time. I’m aiming for ten pages a chapter.


So, now that I’ve blinded you with a wall of text, where does that put us for the next chapter of LTD? Chapter 4 is scripted, and art is started. I’m finding the two-week release schedule is working well for me, so expect it out by the 9th. Of course, if I manage to get done early (or late) then I reserve the right to change that.
Tell everyone you know! Oh, and leave a comment.


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