Learning To Dream, Chapter 6, Intro

To the two of you who randomly pop in here, I have an announcement. It’s one of those good news/bad news things. The first bit of good news is that Chapter 6 is HUGE. I’m on p. 10, and not nearly done yet. This lead me to some thinking about things…

I’m not happy with the current setup. Well, I am, but I’m not at the level to keep it up as is. So rather then do a delay, or my usual ‘aim for ten, get six’ pages… I’ve decided to do it a little different.

I’m still going to do ‘chapters’ or my coined term ‘graphic novelette’. But I’m changing how I’ll release them.

Starting immediately, I will release two or three pages every Friday. I’m hoping this will have the added effect of forcing me to focus on a page or two rather then runs through a group. Plus, if I come up with an epic storyline like this one again… then I can keep plugging at it until it’s done.

Upload later today. Please let me know if you’ve seen this. I’m dying for feedback.


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