A note from the one to blame…

Hey folks. Changing things around, trying to make this prettier and more useful-er. I’m also moving the art from Flikr to photobucket, which lets me use .png. And while I’m at it, I figured out a trick to squish them down to itsy-bitsy size! (png-8 rules. Between converting to that, finding the setting that lets me discard colors (why keep color info if I’m using greytone?) and PNG Gauntlet, I routinely get files down to a third of their old size!

…Well, that’s exciting to me.

Any way, I’ve been playing with formatting and pictures and it’s starting to shape up more. It’s *almost* gotten to look like I know what I’m doing. Not really. But getting there. Just letting people know what’s going on. I’m also using this opportunity to fix some of the errors I left (like the repeating pirate captain…), so yes, thing will be moving around a bit while I’m fixing it. See you all Friday.


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