Learning To Dream, Chapter 7, Page 7

Ugh. Sorry about the late update. I’d like to blame tryptophan, but instead it’s because I am a moron.

…No, seriously. Me. Moron.

I had worked and got two pages drawn before Thursday, got them ready… and realized that I left out a page before them.

…So I went back and drew that page.

…only to find out I left someone out of one of the other pages.

So, yeah. Due to my basic inability to keep my stuff in line, I went from two pages up, to one page done(-ish), but two pages ahead. Grrrrreat….

Heh. My spell checker wants to change tryptophan to Aristophanes.

Another Gorillaz album in 2011? Hell yes with a side of hot d-d-d-damn!


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