Learning To Dream, Chapter 9, Page 7

So, just in case someone actually noticed, yes this week I’m very late. …and it’s not my fault.
Thursday, I had my pages done, took it easy, and suddenly… no internet.
I went through everything. The wifi part worked, if I unplugged the cable from the back of my computer and put it in the wife’s computer, it worked…
So I went out and bought a new NIC card. No dice. Aha! It must be a software issue! So after trying the easy things (reinstalling drivers, uninstalling hardware) I fell back on the Universal Solution for Windows: reinstall.
But my DVD dive wasn’t reading the disk. After screaming and begging and trying every trick I could I went out (returned the NIC card) and bought a new DVD drive.
…Which let me reinstall Windows.
…Which let me upload my strips which nobody reads.
I’m only two days behind everything now. Gah.


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