Learning To Dream, Chapter 11, Page 7

Yeah. So on Friday, I had scanned in two pages, did my usual clean/correct, shade, color and compress routine. When I went to upload the pictures, I noticed my start menu was empty… no icons. I looked around and everything else had vanished too. All my raw files for LTD, the cookbook I’m writing, stories, files, transcripts, and the various junk I’d kept in my personal folders… suddenly gone. No idea why.

If it was a virus, it seems to have deleted itself. I’ve run three virus scanners, two malware scanners (and one that says it does both). Nothing.

So, yeah. It took some time to reinstall stuff, and then start from scratch on this page..

I hand lettered this page as an experiment. Once again, something about inking/scanning makes it look worse. Not that my handwriting is that legible in the first place. I don’t know if I’ll keep it.


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