Cast List & Credits


John Adwick: Our (for lack of a better term) hero. Works at Flying Coffee Monster. Obsessive reader. Never has dreams.

Rachel McTavish: Old high school friend of John’s, now his manager at FCM. Is in a long-term serious relationship with Asher. Loves big stompy boots.

Asher Spears: Rachel’s boyfriend and resident artist. Bassist and singer in band W3ird.

Angel “Angie” Weiss: One of Rachel’s friends from college. Works in a local veterinary clinic. Don’t call her Angel. Just don’t.

Dan Forbes: Professional student. Currently has eight degrees and a couple of certifications. Is working on more.

The Gods of the dreamworld:

A brief note about theology – Even in this world, deities don’t fall into easy categories. A ‘god of fire’ might be about fire, but also about light, warmth, cooking, wildfires, pyromania, maybe even metalworking and civilization. Also, it’s absence, so cold, dark, preservation, soothing, freezing, as well. And yes, that is a lot, and there would be a lot of overlap with other gods. Welcome to the screwed up natures of humans, deities and dreams.

Chuugi – The dog that greets it’s master with wagging tail. The comfortable quiet between friends. Leaving the last candy in the dish. Holding back when you know anger will get you in trouble, and the anger too. Knowing the ‘right’ thing to do even without lessons on morality and manners.

Gi – A farmer weeds his field by hand. Though the sun is hot, and his crop will probably not be ruined by letting it go for a day, he keeps working. He is tempted by the cool brook nearby. His hands and back ache. But he knows his work will be rewarded. The tired reward of looking over a job well done.

Jin – A child sees a friend with a treat, and takes it. When he hears his friend crying, he gives it back. His heart longs for the sweet, but he knows what is right. Torn between desires, he cannot make himself leave.

Makoto – An accountant finds that the charitable company that he works for has been using several legal loopholes to save money. If he mentions this, he is likely not only to be fired, but to not to be able to work in the field again. Yet if he does, then the company will be forced to spend the money in wiser, better ways.

Meiyo – After the war, a famous hero was giving a speech. “Do not thank me, thank those with me, for they allowed me to get where I was.” Later, when the press asked about his exploits, he talked about the cook, who fed him, his squad mate who swapped jokes, and his sergeant, who taught him to do what needed doing no matter what.

Rei – We had eaten all the food on the boat, as we drifted for days. After three hungry days, we managed to catch three fish. I ate one, and gave the other two to my boatmate. When he asked why, I replied “To thank you for your company these last few days.”

Yuuki – For ten years, a woman loved her best friend’s husband, and was loved in return. Though they never said it, and never acted upon it, their friendship lasted for decades. Both remained true to their spouses.


Jason Lang is the (terrible) author and (horrid) artist behind Learning To Dream. He lives in Portland, Oregon, and has never worked in a coffee shop.


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